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CATS Members Exchange Platform Workshop

Breakfast function took place in Windhoek on Thursday, 28 April 2022

This main purpose of the session was to provide a platform for all of our members to engage with one another and learn from the different experiences.

In attendance was over 60 invitees including former, present and potential members, media representatives as well as our partners and stakeholders from NUST and the GIZ ProVET office.

The event kicked off with an introduction by CATS Chairperson, Ms. Trudi van Rooyen who shared the history of the Programme and how it has improved over the years since 2005. 


She was followed by representatives from a German Delegation that was visiting CATS Member companies during the course of that week to propose a new relationship between their organizations and members on a possible student exchange program. Heike Schwehn, Sarah Opel and Matthias Haas all presented their respective organizations and explained how CATS Members can collaborate in the future on sending CATS trainees to Namibia and Germany for a period of 3 weeks for an exchange program. 


Thereafter, followed success stories and presentations by CATS graduated Alumni as well as Members such as MPACT Corrugated, Transworld Cargo and Taeuber & Corssen on how they integrate the CATS programme in their staff development initiatives and the value the Programme has provided to each company.


Ms. Agnes Yeboah, one of the CATS Directors closed off the event by thanking all who had attended.

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