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CATS Member Companies

CATS currently consists of various member companies. All member companies are well-known and established Namibian businesses oriented towards development and growth, who understand and live your company culture. By supporting CATS they make a valuable contribution to Namibia becoming a competitive global player!

The CATS member companies take an active interest in and control of both theoretical and practical education provided within the programme. Regular curricula reviews and standardised mentorships are part of this process. CATS is thus able to directly meet the needs of the industry.


Why partner with CATS?

  • Invest in education to invest in the future!

  • Gain skilled and motivated employees, who understand and bought into your company culture.

  • Give talented but less privileged young people a chance at tertiary education!

  • Be the company who provide skills and development to the talented Namibian youth.

  • Give your current employees a possibility to further their careers!

  • Uplift the skills in your company.

  • Join ranks with Namibia’s top players in the world of business!

  • Companies taking in CATS can apply for the Vocational Training grants provided by the NTA.

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How to partner with CATS?

Active membership:
As an active member your company takes in  a manageable amount of CATS students per year, whom you enter a traineeship contract with. The student will then work at your company for four days a week and spend one and a half days a week at the theoretical training facility (currently Namibia University of Science and Technology).  Following the successful completion of the CATS training programme, the student could become a highly skilled and experienced employee of your company or enter the Namibian job market to take up a position elsewhere.

Associated membership:
If you are interested in the CATS programme but feel you do not have the scope to offer a traineeship at the moment, you are welcome to become an associated CATS member.

Affiliated membership:
If you are a company that wants to support the CATS programme and thus show your commitment to building Namibia’s economic future, but cannot offer traineeships, you may become an affiliated member. 

Who are the CATS partners and stakeholders?

Want to partner with CATS?

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Commercial Advancement Training Scheme Agnes

Agnes, one of our directors, during her speech at the recent graduation.

Commercial Advancement Training Scheme

Requirements for Member Companies

Each member company is requested to have the following in place:

Mentor: guides the trainee through the entire
period of the programme
Supervisor: explains the proceedings in a
department and assigns tasks to the trainee
Rotation Plan: Ensures that the trainee is
exposed to a variety of functions
Assessments: Verify the progress of the trainee
and identify strengths and weaknesses

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